Thursday, May 15, 2014

12x12 Storage

I had to get the house clean this morning before sitting down to make anything. I got to the last room on my list. The dining room. I hate seeing my beautiful Ethan Allen table(that I got dirt cheap at auction) covered in crap. It is one of my pet peeves. 

I see the black wire dish drying rack that my husband mistakenly bought still sitting on the above mentioned table.The receipt is no longer with it. I huff and puff a bit, then grab the stupid thing and start to head to the donation box out in the garage. I look over at my craft area, noticing that I've left half of my 12x12 paper packs spread out on the floor. 

Then it clicked. I placed the wire rack on top of one of the Ikea shelving units. As I picked up the paper I carefully inserted it into the slots of the dish rack. I put one of the packs with the heavy chipboard in the back about every 3 slots. 

Genius! It's great for me, for now anyway. I can't bend over after a recent back injury. This allows me to keep the paper that I use the most at waist level so I can browse through it much like one would while flipping through CD's at the store. Crazy, I know, we used to buy music on a disc, and it we had to get up and change it if we wanted to hear a different album.

Anyway, I went from irritated to happy. I no longer have to dread going to pick my paper, or get stuck on the floor while doing it. I also won't have to worry about picking it up to keep it out of harm's way. Just thought I would share. It's a temporary solution that's cheaper than anything a craft store sells. Someday I will have my built ins done, but for now this will do. 

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